The MMO game powered by Bitcoin

A hack-n-slash, open world adventure in the desert world of Khan, where dangers and cryptocurrency awaits for the greatest fighters to find.

For Windows, Mac and Linux

Open world adventures

Explore beautiful landscapes and perilous catacombs drawn in wonderful voxel technique, slay enemies and help the townfolk. Create a unique avatar by customizing your character's skin and equipping yourself with one of the many pieces of armor and weapons available. As the game develops, we are making the open world bigger and challenging.

Crypto economics

All transactions in the game is denominated in Bits (a fraction of a Bitcoin), and you use them to purchase weapons, armor and skins. You can also earn Bits for completing events and finding the secret chests. Every game account has the ability to transfer your game balance to any Bitcoin wallet.

Action packed

The gameplay style is rogue-like and it favors quick fingers and fast reflexes. Controls and stats like speed, health or damage change depending on which is your main item of choice: bow, shield or orb. The best way to beat the game is combining the different styles with other warriors.